Why Skin Laundry?


my favorite hydrating mask

I used to put no effort for my skin to look flawless but since I returned back to Hong Kong, pollution makes me became a sensitive skin type person and I start getting pimples very often, sometimes i get one or two huge acne on my cheek and forehead. Ugh!

Beside using the right products and get my daily cleaning routine done right, I found that laser is one great method that works to remove all the dirt from deepest layer of my skin,  helps with acne scar and pigmentation. I used to have my laser done at dermatological clinic, treated by doctor but the price they charge is getting higher and higher, around $1800 per treatment, I found that it is very difficult to afford if I want this treatment to be long term therefore I stopped for a while and kept searching which other clinic do discount etc.

Until Skin Laundry opens in Hong Kong, woohoo! How amazing is that their price is so affordable and they even have their own skin care line decided specially for the treatment, the products are very mild and gentle, unlike the one that doctor gave me, I had to use it forever, once i stopped i get acne. 😦  I love the hydrating mask they have, its super hydrating and juicy, my skin glows after using it.

I have been going to Skin Laundry for few months now,each treatment only takes 15 mins, the specialist there are all very friendly and professional, no different feeling compares to doctor treats me. Same result but at a more reasonable price, how great! Not only my skin feels better but also I feel happy each time I visit skin laundry.

Book now to get a laser & light free trial, I know your skin will love it.


Skin Laundry product line


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