Osaka 大阪

4days 3nights in Osaka. First thing I did straight after flight is a bubble bath at the Hotel. It instantly ease all my tension and stress away that I had collect everyday lol

4曰3夜在大阪。落機後第一件事,就係浸一個泡泡浴,緩解我每曰儲埋儲埋嘅緊張和壓力. 唔知點解呢到浸泡泡浴特別舒服嘅。

St.Regis bar always feel lively, it’s great to relax here before dinner time.


A moment looking the night view from my window.


#arashiyama #bambooforest嵐山 竹林之道 #渡月橋 #kyoto#nature #京都 #嵐山 #人力車


Onsen that I highly recommend and I am sure you will not want to miss it. Real hot spring water, great food and sake plus super affortable price. It’s only 20minutes away from the city. What more can you ask for?



And if you ask me what to shop in Osaka other than fashion, I will defiantly go for housewares, as all you know Japanese are very considerate and detail minded, you can always find something that surprise you.



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